Prioritise your health in these uncertain times. FREE WORLD WIDE DELIVERY on orders of £45+
Prioritise your health in these uncertain times. FREE WORLD WIDE DELIVERY on orders of £45+
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Quality Assurance

From seed to shelf

We work tirelessly in all areas of our business and view the quality assurance process to be of up most importance ensuring Cannakinetic CBD products are continually of the highest standard on the market. All our products go through a rigorous process of quality control at every stage using only the most up to date scientific methods and premium ingredients.

The benefits of CBD have been known and utilised for decades, by working with experienced growers from around the world we have produced a range where each product has been formulated from handpicked strains grown in specific regions around the globe. Having a team with unrevealed experience and a deep knowledge base has made it possible to produce products of exceptional purity allowing our customers to get the most from all things CBD.

As a result you can be assured that Cannakinetic CBD oil meets strict cannabinoid content requirements, contains no genetically modified products, has not been produced using pesticides, herbicides or any chemical fertilisers, and contains no dangerous contaminants. All you get is pure and safe CBD.



Our quality checks are at every step of the way. Cannakinetic CBD Oil is produced from the finest grown plants available in Europe and America the standards we have to meet are exceptional and something we pride ourselves in. All crops are supervised from seed to shelf, ensuring only the greenest, most natural and sustainable techniques are used. It guarantees that the hemp, and the oil produced, is all 100% natural – which is the beautiful thing about CBD supplementation. As nature intended, a clean pure produce.


Our Extraction Lab 

  • Registered with the department of Agriculture of Colorado
  • CGMP Certified
  • Food Certified
  • Insured
  • Only extracts from EU and USA Grown Industrial Hemp from Registered Farms

Third Party Lab Certs