About us

Go Green

At Cannakinetic creating shared value is the way we do business, at the core of this approach is respect for people, cultures and the natural environment.

We demonstrate these values in how we conduct our business, we have an ongoing commitment to support responsible farming, production and consumption practices.

Sustainable CBD farms

Our entire range is guaranteed to be consistent in size and strength with strict quality control protocol throughout the entire process from seed to final product. At Cannakinetic we believe in thorough and transparent testing, not only for correct % of CBD but also to check for heavy metals, microbial, mold, fungus, organisms and other impurities to ensure the safest CBD product. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the production method we utilise, which is one of the most expensive methods but is the safest.

Working with growers in America and Europe we are able to provide the highest quality, 100% organic, sustainable products. 

We guarantee:

  • No high or mind-altering effects
  • No mental fog
  • All 100% legal product range
  • Premium products - Maximising the benefits of CBD