CBD Vapes

100% Natural Zero THC Zer nicotine complete CBD vape juice

Vape Juices/oil/ e-liquids is one of the newest methods of taking CBD gaining a lot of popularity and for good reason. It’s a fast and efficient way to deliver CBD throughout the day.

CBD is a compound found and extracted from specific hemp strains which is then transformed into an e-liquid making it vaporizable with any e-cigarette device. Unlike the cannabinoid THC, it has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects and is 100% legal.

Vaping CBD is an affordable and convenient option; like all our products they have been developed to turn your internal endocannibinod system into a powerhouse. The functional botanicals Vape range provides premium quality CBD for people who are serious about their health and willing to invest in their bodies the same way they invest in the rest of their life.

Our three Classic flavours are perfect for CBD and vape newbies: Summer Fruits, Black Cherry and Green Apple. Fresh flavours, pleasantly smooth, complete CBD vaping experience. Non addictive, Zero nicotine, Zero THC.

Available in two sizes 15ml and 30ml. 275mg or 550mg of CBD.

Experience what Cannakinetic CBD vapes can do for you!