Nike launches its first apparel collection

Sophia Hanson Nike yoga range

This week Nike launches its first apparel collection designed specifically for yoga. A part of the Nike Training line, the assortment features pieces created for ease of movement, versatility and support.

nike yoga line

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Nike’s yoga collection includes garments for men and women, ranging from shorts and tights, to long hem tees, high neck tanks, mesh tops, hoodies and sports bras.
In addition to the apparel, Nike is introducing a new selection of yoga workouts on the Nike Training Club app. “Enhance Your Training with Yoga” which will help you accomplish specific goals such as finding strength and stability, improving endurance, and getting more flexible.
Visit Nike to shop the brand’s first-ever yoga apparel collection today.

Yoga headstand pose

Yoga pose Nike

Warrior yoga pose

nike yoga range

Nike yoga

Resting warrior yoga pose

Nike yoga range


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